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Commisioned to make disciples
In this day and age of tolerance where anything and everything goes, it is refreshing to understand that there are some things that remain constant.  
United Faith Church in Barnegat acknowledges that Jesus Christ is constant and unchanging.  He is the Word made flesh and the complete fulfillment of the scriptures, from which not one letter will ever pass away.  United Faith Church believes that when one puts his or her trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, he or she is a new creation and has passed from death to life.  This new life can now be discipled by those appointed by God, whose lives bear the fruit of His Word.

United Faith Church believes that the Church has been commissioned to make disciples.  Disciples are those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ and all He has commanded. United Faith Church believes that disciples are not just called to live the commands of God, but to teach them as well. For a believer to become a mature Christian he or she must have read the whole counsel of God and must be walking in and demonstrating the power of God in his or her life. Although this is a process, the mandate to follow what He has commanded is an absolute must to all who call themselves disciples of Jesus Christ.  Jesus only did what His Father commanded Him to do, and those who follow Him will do the same.

Just as a new baby can recognize the voice of his or her mother, so the believer must be able to recognize the Father’s voice and obey. The believer knows that the Father’s voice is always aligned with the written Word of God.  The Word nourishes new believers in their new lives. It is the spiritual food that is necessary in order for the believer to grow as a disciple of God. Rather than being led by emotion, United Faith Church upholds that believers must be directed by the Word of God.  The Word does not change. It is steadfast and serves even in this day to correct, rebuke, lead, encourage, and grow the disciple in the ways of God. United Faith Church trusts that the Word of God is consistent and unfailing; it is as relevant today as when Jesus walked on this earth.

United Faith Church believes that the Word is the truth of God that never fades or changes.  Therefore, it is often offensive to the ever-changing culture of this day. Nevertheless, the Word must be preached as the forever constant, powerful written Word of God. It is by faithfully upholding the Word of God that disciples are made.  United Faith Church believes the Holy Bible is the handbook of life for all believers. United Faith Church encourages all believers that as disciples, their speech and their actions should reflect this handbook. United Faith Church understands that this Holy Book has withstood the test of time and has proven to be the everlasting, unchanging Word of God.  Through this Word, disciples are empowered to become true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Living Word of God.

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